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VoIP Features

Auto Attendant

An auto-attendant is a prerecorded ‘menu’ system that can be used to direct callers to different departments or employees within your company.

Business Hour Rule

Easily set the days and times during which callers can reach your staff via phone. You can use Business Hour Rules to create different phone call behaviours based on day and time.

Call Block

Easily block your caller ID information from being displayed to the party you are calling. This feature is helpful when you wish to temporarily mask caller ID for privacy reasons.

Caller ID

This feature lets you see the name and number of the person calling you before you answer. You can also use this feature to display your company’s name and phone number when you call out.

Call Forwarding

Forward on your call to another employee whether they are answering from their computer, mobile or desk phone.

Call Labels

See what a customer is calling for before you pick up the phone. Your display will show that a customer is calling for a certain department before you answer.

Call Mentoring

Have the ability to listen to calls without the customer knowing you are there. You can also talk to the employee on the line without the customer hearing you.

Call Monitoring

Monitor the ongoing calls in your facility to ensure top quality. This is a great resource for training purposes.

Call Park

This allows you to “park” your phone call in a virtual location and allow another employee to pick it up later.

Call Recording

Using your soft phone you are able to record calls you make or receive. There is also another method in our optional features. Contact us to learn more.

Call Screening

Screening allows people calling into your phone system to say their name before they are connected to your extension.

Company Phone Directory

Set up a full company directory which will list names and numbers of all employees.

Departmental Ring Group

This allows for multiple phones to ring at once when receiving incoming calls. If a customer is trying to contact your service team, the call will ring on multiple phones until it is answered.

Dial By Name

If you customers do not know the extension of your employee, they can simply enter in their name and be connected with them instantly.

Direct Dial Numbers

This allows for customers to directly reach who they are speaking with without going through the companies main phone line.

Directed Call Pickup

This allows you to pick up a call that is ringing on other phone at anytime. All you have to do is select the line that is active and pick up the phone.

Do Not Disturb

With do not disturb active, this routes all calls directly to your voicemail. This is very useful when you are in the middle of important situations.

Employee Status Indicators

This will show you which employee is active on the phone regardless where they are working from.

Employee Mobility

Allow your employees to work from anywhere with our cloud services. Your calls are able to be answered from your desk, cell phone or when you are travelling.

Find me, Follow me

This unique service allows you to select different locations to dial when someone is trying to get a hold of you. This gives you the ability to select your cell phone, office phone or soft phone.

Free calls between your employees

Have the ability to connect with any of your other colleagues by dialing their extension. No matter where you are, it will dial their number for free.

Hunt Groups

Create a hunt group with specific employees that should be called when a customer is looking for a specific department. The customer will be placed on a brief hold while the system is hunting for someone to pick up the line.

Keep your number

Not looking to change your number? Don’t worry, you don’t have to. We are able to transfer your existing number without interrupting your service.

Live Transfers

This allows you to transfer calls between your employees internally or connecting them to someone outside of your office.

Low Hardware Costs

Traditional hardware can be very pricey for purchasing and installation. With hosted services, it is much lower for installation and services.

Message Waiting

This indicator will flash when someone has left you a message and it is unread.

Multiple Locations

Our business VoIP allows you to connect multiple offices, as they are one. You are able to dial different extensions for your employees even if they are not in the same office.

Multiple Lines

Have the ability to add multiple lines without needing to change any of your back end infrastructure. Have the ability to easily scale your phone system to only include what you require.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Looking for different phone numbers to access various locations? Allow your customers to call into a local number and be connected with your main office. We give you the ability to add as many phone numbers as you like.

No Busy Signals

Our phone systems will provide you unlimited capacity of calls so your customers will never receive a busy signal.

North America Long Distance

Our plans include long distance throughout the USA and Canada. Terms and conditions apply, contact us for more details.

Online Call Records

Use your online portal to track the incoming and outgoing calls. You will be able to see incoming and outgoing calls.

Operator Extensions

Have the ability for a group of employees to act as the operator for your company. Any time someone wants to speak with the operator, they can press 0 and be connected.

Outlook Integration

Directly call your contacts from your Outlook with the Bria Add-on. This click to dial feature saves time when trying to reach your contacts.

Paging & Intercom

Broadcast to your other employees using the built in speaker on your phone.

Soft Phones

Run your telephone through your computer using a headset and microphone. This will allow you to make and receive calls from any location using your computer.


Each person within your organization will get their personal mailbox. You can also create specific mailboxes for departments or products. Each employee will have the availability to manage and create a personal message.

Voicemail Notifications

Notifications for your voicemail allows one or more employees to know once a message has been left for them.

Voicemail to email

Once someone leaves you a voicemail you will receive an email with an attachment where you can listen to the message on your machine.

Web Interface

Using our VoIP service, you get access to an online portal that allows you to customize and control every aspect of your phone system.

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